International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics 3
Toronto, July 12 - 16, 2004


ICCFD (International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics) is an outcome of the merger of two important streams of conference in CFD - International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics, ICNMFD (since 1969) and International Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics, ISCFD (since 1985). Both the streams had many fruitful meetings with active participation from researchers all over the world. In 1998 it was decided that the two should merge, as most of their goals were common. Thus ICCFD emerged. The most recent of the merged conferences was successfully held recently in Sydney, Australia (July 15 to 19, 2002) under the chairmanship of Prof. K. Srinivas.

Topics Covered in the Conferences

ICCFD is devoted to all aspects of CFD, basic and applied, and it has been the practice to encourage papers based on topics of current interest. It may be mentioned that the ICNMFD and ISCFD were the platforms where most of the advances in CFD were presented and discussed.



Year Place Chairman
1969 Novosibrisk, USSR Prof. N.N. Yanenko
1970 Berkeley, USA Prof. M. Holt
1972 Paris, France Profs. H. Cabannes and R. Temam
1974 Boulder, USA Prof. Richtmayer
1976 Twente, Netherlands Profs. van de Vooren and P.J. Zandbergen
1978 Tbilisi, USSR Prof. O.M. Belotserkovski
1980 Stanford, USA Prof. W. Reynolds
1982 Achen, Germany Prof. E. Krause
1984 Saclay, France Profs. Soubbaramayer and J.P. Boujot
1986 Beijing, China Prof. F G Zhuang
1988 Williamsburg, USA Profs. D.L. Dwoyer, M.Y. Hussaini, and R.G. Voigt
1990 Oxford, UK Prof. K W Morton
1992 Rome, Italy Prof. M Napolitano
1994 Bangalore, India Prof. R. Narasimha
1996 Monterey, USA Dr. P. Kutler
1998 Arcachon, France Prof. C H Bruneau


1985 Tokyo, Japan Prof. K. Oshima
1987 Sydney, Australia Prof. C.A.J. Fletcher
1989 Nagoya, Japan Prof. Yasuhara
1991 Davis, USA Prof. H.A. Dwyer
1993 Sendai, Japan Prof. H. Daiguji
1995 Lake Tahoe Prof. M. Hafez
1997 Beijing, China Prof. F Zhuang
1999 Bremen, Germany Profs. H J Rath K G Roesner. E Krause


2000 Kyoto, Japan Prof. N. Satofuka
2002 Sydney, Australia Prof. K. Srinivas