International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics 3, Toronto, July 2004


Invited Speakers

1) Dr. Philippe Spalart, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, USA
Title: Topics in Detached-Eddy Simulation

2) Dr. Koji Morinishi, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan
Title: Micro Flow Simulation Using Kinetic and Continuum Approaches 

3) Prof. Olivier Pironneau, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, University of Paris VI, France
Title: Control of Shocks

4) Prof. Alfio Quarteroni, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland & Politecnico of Milan, Italy 
 Title: Multiscale Models of the Circulatory System 

5) F. Ronald Bailey, Advanced Management Technology Inc., NASA Ames Research Center,
Title: High-End Computing In Aerospace